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Bob Meanza – ‘Three Diamond Ohms’
Bob Meanza - 'Three Diamond Ohms' — Three Diamond Ohms'
Release date : Feb. 23, 2013
Label : suRRism-Phonoethics
  1. Doktor Tertius
  2. Il Funambolo
  3. Le Stanze Del Transistor


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suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release
Bob Meanza – ‘Three Diamond Ohms’

Three Diamond Ohms is a collection of original compositions made for a vintage CRB transistor organ from the 70s. The lure emanating from this big, old and somewhat obsolete instrument inspired arcane sound combinations, in the tradition of the experimental 70s (Wendy Carlos, Progressive Rock), but also with references to the big names of organ history (Olivier Messiaen, for example).
Though the pieces have multi tracked parts, the score is ideally playable live by two organists. Every sound comes from the organ, which has also piano presets, and a nice spring reverb. Most imperfections are left uncorrected, since the limits of the instruments are definitely a central feature: for the composer, for the player, and for the listener.
– Bob Meanza – ‘Three Diamond Ohms’

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– undRess Béton

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