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On date to date, despair and chicken crocodiles leaving thunder marks on his skin returning dwell. Passing Carrie Beckett’s restful dreaming of the unproblemathematical thighs shown to his public eyes wishing to finally paying only the fertile notion that no one had stored! In return & tested as ‘Very God’ by polishment fools wearing plastic tongues as souls in front of their faces made a wonderful family portrait of passionated seat farting creatures. INHALE long row satyr binaries to walk now as no point is to be made! A drunken master defined the clothes as shown on TV.
– JP (April 2013)
Hi, I’m Ergo.tag_42 (hinter_land) but foundation of median. I tried giving. I tried a mouth. All two years ago and no use. When I’m neither I am neither/or. My insteads adapt to my exceptions. Why elude? I love working on myself, and would do so here, at invite. Looking to have my circle widened as trawl pantheon X …
I cog nothing from figural or either way negotiate, redacted. Socrates had three fingers, and one of them is in your eye.
With x I thank my Sister R for his kindness.
– AD (April 2013)

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T.R.I.v.M. — Black Transmitter


suRRism-Phonoethics is a n0tlabel peaking the source since 2008 founded by Jaan Patterson. Since April 2013 co-curated with Anthony Donovan.

suRRism Manifesto
PDF (® Nov.2007 Surrallee & Jaan)

We are a non-profit netlabel specializing in Experimental music. Some of our releases could be classified as Electronic art music/Electronic music, industrial or experimental music with sub-genres like Electro-Acoustic, Improvisation & Cut-Up.
We're open beyond these genres.

All releases are free for download under
Creative Commons or Copyleft or R licenses.
(We may provide you with links to buy Albums).

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